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Vilasuso and Hartley on the Castillos & What Might've Been

Cara making out with David? Griffin being bullied by Zach? If you feel like the Castillos are getting the short end of things as All My Children wraps its ABC run, you're not alone.

Before the network announced that it was pulling the home of La Lucci off the air after almost 42 years, Pine Valley's newest residents, a brother-sister team from Doctors Without Borders, were en route to love and happily ever after (for as long as that means on daytime TV). According to Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley, who joined the cast as the Castillos last November, Cara was brought in as Jake's estranged wife and "soul mate" (not Tad's, and certainly not David's!), while Griffin was hatched as a love interest for Erica Kane's grieving daughter Kendall. But it was all so very short-lived!

Because of the axing — which spawned the resurrection of AMC superstars Dixie (Cady McClain) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) — the Castillos have been reduced to being little more than appendages of resident villain David (Vincent Irizzary). What do Vilasuso and Hartley have to say about it? Plenty. The actors spoke with Friday, just days before the series wrapped production entirely, about being hit with the cancellation curve ball, the Castillos' storyline switcheroo, and the online future of All My Children.

Click HERE to read the full interview.
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Justin Bruening to appear on CSI: New York

We Love Soaps is reporting... Justin Bruening (AMC's Jamie Martin), who is returning to the soap as it wraps up on ABC in September, will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of 'CSI: New York'. He is shooting today. No details on his character as yet.

Pine Valley's Comings & Goings

Jason Kincaid who played the role of Sam Brady from 1982 - 84 is back this week as Opal's (Jill Larson) once, and possible future love interest.

Carol Burnett brings Verla Grubbs back to Pine Valley on Tuesday, September 6th and Wednesday, September 7th in the role she originated in 1983 and reprized in 1995 and 2005, She's in Pine Valley to challenge Opal for Sam's heart.

John O'Hurley will make several appearances on AMC as Kit Sterling, a producer who approaches Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) to make a movie from the new book she has just written. Look for Kit to pop into Pine Valley on Monday September 12th

Julia Barr will bring Brooke English back to Pine Valley on Friday, September 16th, You know if Brooke is back in Pine Valley Adam is soon to follow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Ex-Kendall) pops up with Eva La Rue (Maria) on Wednesday, September 21st. Gellar plays a psych patient who thinks she is Erica Kane's daughter. La Rue appeared in two episodes back in July and was scheduled to appear in three more episodes before the ABC finale.

'All My Children' Flashbacks: August 2004

Back in August 2004 Babe (then played by Alexa Havins) and Bianca (then played by Eden Riegel) teamed up to try and find out if JR was plotting against Babe which he was. He drugged her to make it appear as she was an unfit mother to Bess (which later turned out to be Miranda).

The ladies arranged for JR and Adam to walk in on them in bed together at the casino. JR snapped a picture of them in bed and began to let Babe have it by telling her he only remarried her to ensure that she couldn't snatch their child from him, then he copped to to spiking Babe's drink with pills.

After JR's confession Babe and Bianca threw back the covers to reveal that they were fully clothed. How do you think Babe will react to her twin sister not only marring JR but adopting Babe's son AJ and Marissa is now in a relationship with Bianca?

Check out this AMC Flashback clip HERE.

Cameron Mathison has the 'Ultimate Proposal'

Cameron Mathison (AMC's Ryan Lavery) will be the host of a new online reality show for Yahoo called 'Ultimate Proposal'. In the series, a group of experts help men from all walks of life deliver the most memorable marriage proposals. The show will be part of Yahoo's first original programming to begin in October.

This Week on ABC Daytime

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Return For Rambin

Leven Rambin will no longer be returning to AMC in its final weeks as Lily Montgomery. "Unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict with The Hunger Games, which is filming in North Carolina," the actress tells Soap Opera Digest (she plays Glimmer in the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the blockbuster books).”Sad, sad, sad! But I'm pleased that I was able to take part in the 40th anniversary show last year."

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Warren Buffett (Himself) Celebrates his 81st Birthday Today.

Elizabeth Ashley (Ex- Madge Sinclair) Celebrates her 72nd Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, Warren & Elizabeth!

Monday, August 29, 2011

J.R. Martinez WILL be on season 13 'Dancing with the Stars'!

UPDATE: It's OFFICIAL!!! They just announced the cast of season 13 'Dancing with the Stars' and J.R. Martinez WILL be shakin' his money maker this season!

Fans of Dancing With the Stars are dying to see who will be on Season 13, and of course half the fun is trying to figure it all out ahead of time. While the cast will officially be announced tonight during Bachelor Pad, it looks like the cat might already be out the bag.

Today @DWTSGossip tweeted the contestants for this season and they seem to have the inside know. They are reporting J.R. Martinez (AMC's Brot Monroe) will be on the show this season.

I tweeted J.R. to see if we could get a comment, but he really can't respond, I guess we'll all have to tune in to Bachelor Pad tonight and see & Let's hope this is true, I'd actually watch the show for J.R. wouldn't you?

Click HERE to see all the stars @DWTSGossip says will be on this season.

This Week on All My Children!

Results: AMC Shining Star of the Week

The Votes are in, And THE EXPOSER's AMC Shining Star of the Week for the week of August 22nd - 26th 2011 is....

Thorsten Kaye (AMC's Zach Slater)

Click HERE to view results.

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Debbi Morgan Heads to ‘Y&R’ this Thursday!

Debbi Morgan (Dr. Angela Hubbard) will be heading to CBS’ 'The Young and the Restless' September 1st. Although her 'Y&R' role has not been revealed, a CBS representative has confirmed to Soap Opera Network that Morgan will begin taping scenes beginning this Thursday, which is just one day after her contract with the ABC Television Network is set to expire.

With 'Y&R' filming roughly five weeks ahead of airdate, looks like Morgan first airing will be on Friday, October 7th.

ABC to air All My Children final encore episode on Labor Day

ABC will be running it's final 'All My Children' repeat on Labor day Monday, September 5th. the episode set to air is expected to set the course towards the soaps ABC series finale on Friday, September 23rd.

The episode to run original air date was August 5th where Bianca and Kendall are surprised to find an unharmed Erica on their doorstep. Appears Erica and Janet were not the only ones to escape and Janet brings in Marian and Dixie. Dixie runs out when she hears sirens but no one is able to catch her and Erica hopes she finds Tad and JR on her own. Emma tells Ryan about the fire and asks if Annie is alright. Both are surprised to see Annie at the door and Ryan makes it clear he won’t allow her to hide out there, but she just wants to see Emma. Thorsten Kaye returns as Zach Slater.

Click HERE to see the encore episodes of OLTL & GH that will air.

Dawn's weekly 'All My Children' Crossword!

Dawn Hennessey, our group moderator has agreed to make a weekly 'All My Children' crossword puzzle exclusively for you THE EXPOSER readers. Just like in your local Sunday News Paper, Dawn will be making a new AMC Crossword every week.

So... Enjoy this weeks 'All My Children' Crossword!

(Click on puzzle for full printable view)

Click HERE for this weeks puzzle's answer key.
Click HERE for Dawn's last puzzle.

Spoilers for the week of August 29th 2011...

The weeks and months of secrecy all come crashing down for Jesse, and he finally tells Angie the whole truth: what happened to their baby, how Lucy came into their lives, and the identity of Lucy's mother: Maya. It's sure to be a gut-wrenching week for the Hubbards. Can they weather the storm?

Meanwhile, JR launches his ruthless plan to blackmail Marissa and Bianca with a sex tape. Marissa and Bianca vow to fight him and they're not alone. JR stands to lose everything, from his company to his family to especially his son.

This is a special week daytime legend Agnes Nixon, the creator of All My Children herself comes to Pine Valley with a few important messages for select residents.

Jackson tells Erica her new book is creating good buzz and her publisher wants to put her on a talk show in LA. But now Erica has the idea in her head, Thanks to David she can't stop thinking of the possibility that Mike Roy is alive somewhere. Will she head out to California to find him?

All this, plus Cara gets an email from Griffin saying he’s gone back to Doctors without Borders, She tells Tad she isn’t going to her immigration interview and moves out of his house, Erica gets a message from Mona and Kendall begins to have suspicions about Zach.

Photos JPI

Lisa's Weekly "All My Children" Rant...

Hi everyone! Just want to start out thanking Sara for filling in for me last week. Awesome job and I so appreciate the help.

The show keeps getting better and better. The head writing of Lorraine Broderick is on cue as usual and so glad she is back. She has not disappointed us at all since her return and look forward to what she has in store for us as the show winds down after 41 years on ABC.

The cast and crew taped their last episode yesterday and that makes me so sad. I know it is going online and can not be happier that is not totally ending. However, I am nervous as to who will be leaving.

So, tricky Ricky is dead? Are we sure? No one truly dies in Pine Valley!

David and Cara? I think that is the most awful story! Cara is a whiner and so annoying.. David is using her and will not put up with it. Hope that does not last too long.

So, JR is being a bastard. What else is new? I saw this coming when they started this storyline and hate it with every episode. Everyone just cares about how good Bianca and Marissa are together; but they do not realize that AJ is going to be caught in the middle of all of this.

I know JR is not handling this well; but this was a complete surprise not only to him but us all that they would do this. AJ has been through enough in his short life and did not need this. I just hope all will turn out well and that JR does NOT lose AJ. They have ruined Jarissa totally. They did not give them a chance in my opinion. Is it because Brittany Allen was let go? I think Jacob and Brittany had chemistry and they should have just left it that way. This is how I feel and I am sorry in advance as to who does not agree with me or if it offends anyone. I just hope he does nothing to hurt Dixie; but I am thinking he is sincere about that.

The scenes with Dixie and Tad. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Cara needs to move out for real so they can have their happy ever after! So happy about that storyline.

Natalia and Brot got engaged! YES!!!!!!! Finally some Hubbard scenes. They are so cute! I am not liking what is gonna happen when Angie finds out about Lucy. It is gonna break my heart; but glad they are showing such a beautiful family.

So glad that Amanda is okay. Just hope that Jake and Amanda get get through some tough times ahead.

Gillian was only a dream? Wow, I was hoping she was alive and ruin Rylee forever! I was hoping to much apparently.

Who do you think David actually has stashed away that is alive? It will be interesting to see who. I am liking this story; no matter how outrageous it is. It would be nice if this were actually true though. Of course, it would be done differently in real life; but that hope and miracle would be priceless.

Thank you for letting me rant and rave. These are ONLY MY opinions; we all have them. Have a great weekend and see you in Pine Valley!
~Lisa Rodrigo~ (TC Warner Official Fan club Pres.)

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Kelly Overton (Ex- Rain Wilkins) Celebrates her 33rd Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

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'All My Children' Star Kidz News!

Our good friend Lisa Pettit from over at Star has agreed to keep you Pine Valley EXPOSER readers up to date on all the children of 'All My Children'. Each week Lisa will tell you news about kiddie stars past & present of our favorite show. So check out the 'All My Children' Star Kidz news this week.

Emily Alyn Lind (ex-Emma Lavery) has a new film coming out called "Movie 43". Just given a release date, you can catch her as a Birthday Girl in the movie on April 13th, 2012! Don't forget to also check her out on ABC's Revenge this fall!

Our AMC Kids really need your support right now! Make sure to write Prospect Park and let them know that we want to see our talented young actors continue in their roles when the show goes online and do not want to see the roles aged by 5 years. You can find out all the contact information by clicking HERE.

Have a great day!!
~Lisa Pettit~

Be sure to check out Star for news on All soap opera kids.

Soap Ratings Report!

Ratings Report for the Week of August 15th - 19th, 2011

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,514,000 (-73,000/-780,000)
2. B&B 2,969,000 (+23,000/-414,000)
3. OLTL 2,804,000 (-84,000/+588,000)
4. GH 2,698,000 (+125,000/+75,000)
5. DAYS 2,496,000 (+147,000/-29,000)
6. AMC 2,488,000 (-64,000/+105,000)

Head over to for more Soap Ratings.

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'All My Children' Shining Star of the Week Poll!

Which Pine Valley Resident do you think had the most Outstanding performance for the week of August 22nd - 26th 2011?

Cast your vote HERE in our "All My Children Shining Star of the Week" poll. Then be sure to check back Monday for results.

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Wanda De Jesus (Mayor, Iris Blanco) Celebrates her 53rd Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, Wanda!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Save our AMC Kids!

It is being said that Prospect Park is actively looking into aging all of our kids by five years...this means teenage Emma, Miranda and AJ, older Ian, Trevor etc. It also means having to say goodbye to the kids we love in the roles, and we don't want that. Its time for all of us to get together and start letting Prospect Park know that we still want to see our kid characters the same age, and not just that but we want our kids in these roles.

What can you do to help? Get emailing, get tweeting, get faxing get the message out there. Make sure to let everyone know why you love the kids the ages they are and why you love Danielle, Jake, Darby, Tate, etc. in the roles. We need to keep things nice and respectful in order to hopefully get the same back. Also get anyone you know to send in emails too, it all helps!

Head over to for all the info you'll need to help Keep these FANtastic Kids with AMC when they move online!

SOAPnet to air Classic 'All My Children' episodes

SOAPnet is celebrating 'All My Children' with a weekend full of classic episodes from the show's 41-year history! The two-day marathon kicks off on Saturday, September 17th with an "I Love Lucci" marathon, highlighting some of Erica Kane's most memorable moments and then on Sunday, September 18th there will be seven-hour "Last Chance for Romance" marathon where you can relive the romances of seven of Pine Valley’s most beloved couples: Cliff & Nina, Jenny & Greg, Tad & Dixie, Ryan & Gillian, Leo & Greenlee, Zach & Kendall and Angie & Jesse!

The five-hour "I Love Lucci" marathon airs Saturday, September 17th, from 7pm - 12am, Click HERE to see the episodes to air.

The seven-hour "Last Chance for Romance" marathon airs Sunday, September 18th, from 5pm - 12am, Click HERE to see the episodes to air.

Billy Miller to appear in 'Ringer'

Billy Miller (AMC's Ex- Richie) has signed on to recur on CW's upcoming thriller 'Ringer'.

The series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (Ex- Kendall) as Bridget, a recovering addict on the run from some unsavory people. She takes on her twin sister's identity after her sister apparently commits suicide. Miller will play Charlie, a blue-collar guy who Bridget meets at an Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She'll turn to him for help in coping with the stress of relapsing when Malcolm (Mike Colter), her previous sponsor, is unavailable.

'Ringer' premieres Tuesday, Sept. 13th at 9pm EST on the CW, Miller will first appear in the fifth episode. Justin Bruening (Ex- Jamie) will also appear in the show on Sept. 27th.

Todays AMC Birthdays!

David Canary (Adam Chandler) Celebrates his 73rd Birthday Today.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) Celebrates his 42nd Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, David & Cameron!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rebecca Budig Wanted Leo & Greenlee to End Up Together!

Sadly, All My Children's Leo du Pres was not one of the lucky, formerly-late Pine Valley citizens resurrected by David Hayward in recent weeks. Instead, Josh Duhamel returned as Leo for a single episode this month, appearing to Greenlee in an all-too-brief dream in which she imagined he'd been saved by David and hidden away all these years.

At least there was smooching before she woke up though, right? Still, it's not exactly what Rebecca Budig had in mind. Last week on location at the Descanso Gardens, Budig told that she had envisioned a different "ever after" for her character as All My Children prepares to go off the air next month.

Click HERE to read more & watch a couple vintage Leo and Greenlee videos.

TV Guide Networks pays Tribute to AMC

Cameron Mathison (AMC's Ryan) will host a one-hour special on the TV Guide Network honoring 'All My Children' on Sunday, September 11th at 8:00pm EST. Mathison said during the AMCFCW that he had just interviewd Josh Duhamel (Ex-Leo) for the special, among many others. Cameron is also doing an AMC special for 'Good Morning America' an air-date has yet to be announced. Kelly Ripa (Ex-Hayley) seems to have also thrown his name in the hat for the seat that Regis Philbin will be vacating early this fall.

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Frank Runyeon (Ex- Forrest Williams) Celebrates his 58th Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, Frank!

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This Week on All My Children!

Results: AMC Shining Star of the Week

The Votes are in, And THE EXPOSER's AMC Shining Star of the Week for the week of August 15th - 19th 2011 is....

Christina Bennett Lind (AMC's Bianca Montgomery)

Click HERE to view results.

Check back again this Friday & We'll do it all over again :)

First Look at Carol Burnett's AMC Return

Here comes trouble! TV posted the first look at the return of Carol Burnett to AMC as Verla Grubbs. This will be Carol's fifth stint on the show, she was last seen in 2005. This visit Verla is intent on getting her hooks into old flame Sam Brady (Jason Kincaid) and wants to make sure her rival Opal (Jill Larson) doesn't land him first.

Carol brings Verla back to Pine Valley on September 6th and 7th.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Come meet Vincent Irizarry!

Come and join Vincent Irizarry (AMC's Dr. David Hayward) for an intimate question and answer session with the Emmy Award Winning Daytime Drama Star. Followed by a FANtastic Meet & Greet at Turning Stone Resort & Casino Showroom in Verona, NY (located at 5218 Patrick Road) on Saturday, September 24th, 2011 starting at 3pm for only $15.00!

For reservations call 1-877-833-7469 or Click HERE for tickets & more info.

Dawn's weekly 'All My Children' Crossword!

Dawn Hennessey, our group moderator has agreed to make a weekly 'All My Children' crossword puzzle exclusively for you THE EXPOSER readers. Just like in your local Sunday News Paper, Dawn will be making a new AMC Crossword every week.

So... Enjoy this weeks 'All My Children' Crossword!

(Click on puzzle for full printable view)

Click HERE for this weeks puzzle's answer key.
Click HERE for Dawn's last puzzle.

Spoilers for the week of August 22nd 2011...

Zach announces he's partnering with David on the Orpheus venture, meaning Kendall has a decision to make. Will she stand by her man? But David's not the only man threatening to come between Kendall and Zach. There's still Griffin to consider, and this week, he and Zach end up in each other's faces! Meanwhile, Ryan vows to take down the Orpheus Project and David, no matter what it does to his friendships.

JR's plan to take custody of AJ away from Marissa hits a snag this week when his anger and hateful behavior towards Marissa and Bianca end up costing him the services of his lawyer, Liza. Will JR atone for his nasty attitude as of late? Or is an apologetic JR hiding his true intentions?

Angie resolves to help Maya find the daughter she gave up, obviously not knowing that it's her own daughter! And when Angie gets Tad on the case, things suddenly get WAY too close for Jesse's comfort. This week, he finally has to admit what he's done.

Last week, Cara stumbled into David on her way out of town, and sparks ignited. This week, her dalliance with Dr. Hayward really causes ripples all over town. Tad is obviously shocked and dismayed, but it's Griffin who vows to keep his sister away from David's influence. ...Of course, telling Cara what to do is not going to be easy.

All this, plus David's revelations about bringing the dead to life are causing reverberations everywhere.. Krystal thinks he may have been able to save Babe. And Erica starts to wonder if any of her old loves might possibly return to her. Look for some flashbacks to Erica and Mike Roy!

Photos JPI

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sara's 'All My Children' Rant!

Good Afternoon PVE readers, Well Lisa Rodrigo needed the week off so i thought why not try and write Lisa's rant myself this week, So here we go...

Now i know starting off i have different faves then most, don't get me wrong i like them all I just always root for the bad guy a-k-a Dr. David Hayward! Are y'all lovin' this "Orpheus Project" story line as much as i am? How cool is it that Cady is back as Dixie? And Zach being back in Pine Valley with Kendall? I thought it was the cutest thing when little Ian & Spike came to see Zach at PVH, Britton & Jake are just adorable I bet they really did miss Thorsten! Now as much as i am happy that Cady & Thorsten are back i really didn't like the way it was going you know Tad back with Dixie and Kendall back with Zach, That was until Friday! After seeing Cara and David go back to his room I think they are HOT together. I'd love to see Cara's bad side wouldn't you. In my opinion they are a FANtastic pairing, Now on to the Zach/ Kendall/ Griffin thing I'm not to happy with. I'm just not a big Zendall fan (OK let the hate mail begin, lol) I think Dixie and Zach would be a better pairing. I would like to see Griffin and Kendall give it a shot, But maybe that's just me. I was kinda disappointed that Leo wasn't really alive, but understand it. Now the next will be Gillian, I hope Ryan gets a similar return of his past love as Greenlee did, I guess we'll just have to wait and see this coming week.

OK, on to Jake and Amanda... I am glad AMC decided to give Chrishell and Ricky this story of Amanda having to go through a hysterectomy. Being someone who has had to go through the surgery it's a very emotional time and is very hard to know you will never be able to have another child and Chrishell made me believe it. All My Children is getting back to it's roots and we have to give credit where credits due, head writer Lorraine Broderick is back and I'm LOVING it! The stories they are writing now are keeping us interested weather we can relate to Amanda with what she's going through or JR's family with his drinking or some not so like the back from the deads but I'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait till the next episode.

Speaking of JR, OMG! What was he thinking trying to bribe a judge... Hello your JR not Adam Sr. that is so something Adam would do, unfortunately it doesn't look like JR will get the pay off he was hoping for, looks like Marissa is gonna get custody of AJ. Now this will be something to watch i already feel i know whats gonna happen. I think JR will loose custody of AJ to Marissa, there opens the door for David Canary to return as Adam to fight for his grandson. Then as the fight is getting really bad... dum dum dum... BABE returns ALIVE, which brings Jamie back to town. (This is just what i think is gonna happen) It's gettin' good!

OK, 'Minx' I LOVE THEM! i am sooooo loving Bianca and Marissa together. There has never been a better recast then these two, Sarah & Christina are both great actresses. I'm so glad Bianca is happy, that character has been through so much. I just hope nothing comes between them, I'll be so disappointed if anything does. I don't know if the makeup artistes did it but Bianca was glowing with happiness after she and Marissa spent their first night together, I just love this couple!

OK, before i wrap this up i gotta say one more thing... Where the hell are Randi, Frankie & Madison? I really hope we get to see more of them before the last ABC air date. OK, These are only my opinions... We all got em' right? Thanks for reading my rant and Lisa will be back next week!
~Sara Hare~ (PVE Owner)

Wanna Win A Copy Of Something Borrowed!

Wanna Win A Copy Of Something Borrowed starring Colin Egglesfield (AMC's Ex-Josh) well Soaps In Depth has 15 copies to give away to lucky winners! One grand prize winner will even receive a Blu-ray player!

To enter the giveaway send a postcard to:
Something Borrowed Sweepstakes
c/o Soaps In Depth
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Or click HERE to enter online, Sweepstakes ends at midnight on Monday, September 5th. All mailed postcards must be postmarked by that date.

People Magazine covers 'All My Children'

People magazine has put together a commemoration issue of the long-running soap 'All My Children' that ends it's ABC run in September after 41 years on the air. With dozens of pages of brand new, exclusive photographs and interviews, the book visits Pine Valley and all the characters that made the show an American institution. Chock full of favorite moments, story lines, and insights from star Susan Lucci, creator Agnes Nixon and many others, it's a collector's book that will satisfy millions of AMC fans, The issue will not go on sale until September 27th but you can pre order your copy right now on for $13.57.

'All My Children' Star Kidz News!

Our good friend Lisa Pettit from over at Star has agreed to keep you Pine Valley EXPOSER readers up to date on all the children of 'All My Children'. Each week Lisa will tell you news about kiddie stars past & present of our favorite show. So check out the 'All My Children' Star Kidz news this week.

Danielle Parker (Emma Lavery) is on a roll! She just wrapped up her film Valiant this week, and is now is adding "Love's Christmas Journey" to her resume! Based on the books by Janette Oke, this mini-series will see its debut on the Hallmark Channel later this year!

Emily Alyn Lind (ex-Emma Lavery) has been spotted out and about this week, attending "Stars For The Surf" alongside her mom and sisters Natalie and Alyvia. She also attended "Painting the Town (Red)" with her family which was put on by the Hollywood Arts Council.

Brooke and Kiley Liddell (ex-Jenny) have appeared in several more episodes of the series Damages as Catherine Hewes. You can catch them next in the August 24th episode at 10pm on DirectTV.

Have a great day!!
~Lisa Pettit~

Be sure to check out Star for news on All soap opera kids.