Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mary Fickett Passes Away

It's a sad day in the soap world, Mary Fickett (AMC's Ex- Ruth Martin) passed away this past Thursday Sepetember 8th at her home in Callao, Virginia.

Fickett is survived by her daughter Bronwyn "Anne" Congdon, her son Kenyon Stewart Congdon, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

A private service is planned.

Mary was 83 years old.

Rest in Peace, Mary. You will be missed!

ABC plans to dedicate the Sept. 21st episode of 'All My Children' to Fickett.


One Happy Momma said...

I'm so sorry to hear the Mary Fickett passed away.

Glad to hear they are dedicating a show to her. I just loved her as Ruth!

Will you be continuing The Pine Valley Exposer when the show goes on-line?

I sure hope so!

Thank you for all you do!


THE EXPOSER Staff said...

Hi Cathy, PVE isn't going anywhere :)