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THE EXPOSER's Exclusive Interview with Mackenzie Aladjem (AMC's Miranda Montgomery)

WE HAVE A WINNER! Please Enjoy Mackenzie's Interview...

I want to apologize for the delay in posting Mackenzie's interview, i have been having computer trouble. So are y'all ready for this FANtastic interview with the adorable & talented Mackenzie Aladjem (AMC's Miranda Montgomery)? First i must give big "Thank You!" to Mackenzie for taking time out of her very busy schedule to answer her fans burning questions, and her mother Laura for helping us put it all together. Thank you to all you fans that submitted great question to Mackenzie's Interview with THE Pine Valley EXPOSER! Be sure to check the end of Mackenzie's interview, Where she will ask you (her fans) one questions about her 'All My Children' character Miranda Montgomery and the first person to answer her question correctly will win this autographed photo of Mackenzie.

So without further delay to y'all, Check out Mackenzie's interview and see if your questions made the cut......

THE Pine Valley EXPOSER: How old are you now? and how old where you when you first got into acting?

Mackenzie Aladjem: I am 9 years old (10 on 09/11). I did a print job when I was 2, but my first TV job was when I was 5 on Passions.

PVE: Are you friends with any of the other kids on AMC? If so who are you closest with?

MA: I am friends with Danielle, Jake, Tate, Britton and Ellah, because we have all worked together allot. I love all the kids, but Danielle and I are the closest in age so we have the most in common.

PVE: What do you do in your spare time? (Hobbies, Sports, or just for fun)

MA: In my spare time I take dance classes, ride my bike, swim and hang out with my friends.

PVE: Are there any special techniques or tricks you used to memorize your lines while on AMC or Nurse Jackie?

MA: Not really, memorization comes easily to me.

PVE: All My Children wasn't your first daytime soap you appeared in, You were Pamela on Passions in 2007, Do you think acting there helped you land your role as AMC's Miranda?

MA: Not really, because I was so young when I did Passions.

PVE: What was it like for you when you had first auditioned for "All My Children"? Did you originally audition for the role of Miranda or what it a different role?

MA: I only auditioned for Miranda. It was really fun. When I went for my callback I met with Tate Berney and Christina Bennett Lind.

PVE: You recently won the Young Actress award for your role of Fiona Peyton in Nurse Jackie, How exciting was that?

MA: It was really exciting! I was so happy, I started crying. Danielle, Tate and Jake and I had a great time that day.

PVE: You just appeared in your first movie "The Lincoln Lawyer" how was that, Will fans be able to catch you in another movie any time soon?

MA: Lincoln Lawyer was a blast! I had a great time playing around with Matthew. I don't have any movies lined up at this time.

PVE: What is the biggest difference in acting in Daytime, Prime time and Films? Are the scripts harder to learn on daytime, Which do you spend more time studying?

MA: In Soap Operas there are fewer takes than in Film or Primetime. You shoot more scenes per day in Soap Operas than the others so you may have more lines to learn per day for Soaps.

PVE: Have you ever been recognized on the streets for any of your acting roles & if so which do you get more noticed for?

MA: I have been noticed a few times, but the most exciting time was when I met Chris Colfer from Glee (I am a Gleek!) and he knew me from Nurse Jackie!

PVE: If you could pick any actor/actress to work with who would it be and why?

MA: I would LOVE to work with Heather Morris. I think she is really funny and a great dancer.

PVE: Do you attend public school, private school or are you home schooled? And what is your favorite subject in school?

MA: I am home-schooled through Laurel Springs. I love Language Arts.

PVE: What is the funniest thing that has every happened on 'All My Children'?

MA: I was working on set with Tate, Danielle, Ellah and Daniel Cosgrove, taping the Easter egg hunt scene. In between takes Daniel made up a chocolate song and was singing and dancing all around. He was so funny!!

PVE: I read you performed in the stage production of 'Annie' portraying the character Molly, How old were you when you did this? Tell us about it.

MA: I was 6 when I was cast and 7 when I started rehearsing and performing. When the tour ended I was 8! It was such a great experience. I traveled the country for over a year ( I think I visited about 35 states) and Canada with amazing adult actors and great kids. It is an unbelievable feeling performing in front of a live audience. When we were in LA, we performed to sold out audiences at The Kodak Theater-(where the Academy Awards take place)-amazing! We had so much fun on the bus, in the hotels and backstage! It was like a big family and I made life long friends.

PVE: What advice would you give another kid going into acting? or how do you think you could help another kid if they where cast on the show?

MA: I would tell someone who was interested in acting to try and do some local theater and find a good acting teacher to help them. The AMC cast is such a family-everyone helps each other- so any new kid would just join in the family.

PVE: What will you miss the most about working on AMC?

MA: I will miss the people-cast crew and production-everyone is so nice and they have all been so great to me!! My Mom has been watching the show forever and we were both hoping I could grow up on the show as Miranda along with all the other kids.

PVE: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

MA: I hope I am a successful triple threat-actress, singer and dancer.

PVE: Do you have any brothers and sisters or any pets? Whats are their names?

MA: I have two older sisters, Heather and Jamie. I have four crazy dogs-Lucky, Lucy, Charlie and Jackson.

PVE: Do you have an official website, or are you on Face book or Twitter where fans can follow you?

MA: We don't have any "official" websites or facebook pages, but someone started a nice website and someone started a Mackenzie Aladjem Fan Page on Facebook. There have been a few Twitter accounts associated with me, but I have never been on Twitter.

PVE: Will you be attending the 'All My Children' fan events in LA in July?

MA: Yes-I was in NY for Nurse Jackie during the last one, so I am so excited!!

OK, now Mackenzie has answered all your questions, THE PV EXPOSER turned it over to her to ask her fans a question about her character Miranda.

"What is Miranda's birthday (Month/Day/Year)?"
First fan to post the correct answer in the comment section below will win a hand signed autographed photo of Mackenzie Aladjem, Good Luck!

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