Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't wait, Help save 'All My Children' NOW!!!

OK, i hardly ever give my opinions on any of our sites i try to keep it neutral, I just make it known that i love 'All My Children' and adore the cast. But today I've noticed another site has posted they will wait. WHAT! Wait for what? For the show to be canceled? Not us! We wont take this lying down and from the AMC fans that have joined in our fight it doesn't look like y'all will take it either. Times like this when our favorite show is in danger is when we should all ban together not wait until one of the soap magazines post about this (speaking of one has). Truth is yes as of now this is just a rumor, but why wait until its fact? Facts are... AMC moved cross country to cut cost, Stars took pay cuts to save the show money. but it's not working. If you have noticed over the past few weeks i have started posting Soap ratings and AMC has been the lowest rated soap for a long time (This i don't understand) but its there. So we have to start NOW, not WAIT until its to late.

So everyone please take a moment and sign our on-line petition (you can do it without adding your name & noone sees your mailing info) these petitions have been proven to work, A facebook page & petition just saved Rebecca Herbst (GH's Liz) just a few months ago. I gotta do something and i hope you'll help us. Follows are links to our Keep All My Children on TV facebook page and on line petition. Also you can find AMC TPTB contact info below.

Join 'Keep AMC on TV' Facebook page HERE.

And PLEASE sign and pass around the on line petition HERE.

Contact ABC.com HERE.

Mail post cards to AMC and ABC!! Make sure that you make it clear as to where you are from (postcard with a picture indicating your location is even better!) to...

All My Children
Prospect Studios
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

ABC comment line: 818- 460-7477 (Listen to the prompts and then press 255 for AMC) Messages are 30 seconds in length.

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

E-Mail: Brian.frons@abc.com

Brian Fron's direct office line: 818-460-7020

AMC Publicist Michael A. Cohen 818-460-7128.

Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer
E-Mail: julie.carruthers@abc.com

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television
ABC Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521

Anne Sweeney direct office line: 818 460-7700

E-Mail: Anne.x.Sweeney@email.Disney.com

Message Agnes Nixson HERE.

Contact The View HERE, LIVE with Regis and Kelly HERE, Heck We'll even try contacting Oprah HERE, It can't hurt!

Ohh and to make fun of a small misspelling, Kinda childish isn't it? We all make mistakes. I never claimed to be perfect! But what ever helps you sleep at night right? I wont sleep until i save 'All My Children'!!!!!


Squirttle said...

I will continue to post this is the save AMC group since it keeps getting buried. Thanks for all the great contact info!!! Gotta keep the campaign going!!

Brenda said...

Please keep this icon of a show *All My Children* on the air for many more years to come! ABC has much better soaps then the other stations.#

Melanie*SoapOperaBabble*daisyclover1938 said...

Thanks for the info!!

jtgrier said...

I have watched AMC since junior high and I just turned 44 this year. I come home every day to watch AMC during my lunch break. I would be very sad if AMC were to be cancelled. Signed, a loyal fan!!!

fsubecky79 said...

ABC has hired some people without a clue. All My Children is the best Soap and has been since it began! Don't try telling me the ratings are not good because something is probably flawed in that department too! Unbelievable people and I am being polite.

fsubecky79 said...

ABC has hired someone that hasn't a clue about the popularity of All My Children and what it means to people! Don't tell me that ratings are down because if they are something must be flawed!
Unbelievable!! I am being polite!

DS said...

Anne Sweeney's email address is not correct. It bounced back. Email Brian Frons and tell him what a jerk he is.

April said...

I am 35 years old and I have been watching AMC for as long as I can remember. My mom says I was watching at 3 years old, but I think I was in the 5th or 6th grade when I started watching it. I have been loyal every since and have not missed a single episode. I was watching with my Grandma and Mom growing up and it is an important part of my life. Do not take this away!

kimjgoodwin said...

This is the biggest let down of all time with just throwing a show away after all the loyal viewers for all these years. An insult to replace it with some dumb show to make america's fat. By the way not one place have I seen this is what people will watch. This is very personal and we will fight every step of the way. Than the day ALC stops airing is the day ABC is shut off from my life and millions of others. These are different types of fans life long ones. You make the cast get pay cuts and move an than throw them away over greed... NO RESPECT AT ALL FOR ABC. I hope something will wake you up and change this but reputation means a lot. People are listing all shows and cancelling trips to Disney to stop any income for ABC. Wrong fan base to be messng with. I have watched this show for 30 years and anger and saddness and loss comes with this awful selfish decision of the greedy people. I'm sure money is tight for you ABC.. Must be rough.

love.brenda75 said...

All My Children and One Life to Live are the only shows I watch on daytime tv. please do everything you can to keep them on the air! I know lets cancel what ever is in the 8p.m. spot every day and air All My Children! or at least keep it on in the spot it all ready has !

ksblog said...

We don't need more talk, we need to keep AMC on the air. Soap Operas are as American as apple pie and AMC is one of the oldest,leave the show alone, It's the best one on TV

jill said...

We will do whatever it takes to save all three shows from the claws of Frons.

K said...

I hope all the fans efforts are effective. I am finding it so hard to believe that All My Children has been cancelled. I hope that someone can do something and have this decision reversed !!!

K said...

I hope that something can be done to prevent AMC or OLTL to leave the air. I think it's a horrible decision and the progamming they want to replace the shows with is such nonsence. I hope all efforts can do something.

ErikasMom said...

How shall we proceed? Does anyone have the ability to start a data base for the recorded past episodes? You can bet soap net will begin rerunning AMC & OLTL as soon as the daily programing is off the air. They are still running Ryan's Hope, they will not miss a beat to offer us reruns instead of the real thing. All this loyalty to our soaps is giving them what they are banking on. Without the production costs of the real shows. In my home ABC = Already Been Canceled. THE ENTIRE LINEUP

The Shadow Knows said...

They are good shows, if the Network wants to save money.
FIRST: Out with Erica, she is not important, old turkey neck ready for pasture.
SECOND: Get rid of the old people in both shows, they made enough money should be retired.