Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spoilers for the week of November 29th 2010...

David's alive after all, but that situation may be temporary because everyone's got reason to want him six feet under. After all, faking his death almost sent Greenlee to jail and inadvertently killed Zach. So it's not a shock he gets shot this week. But the shooter may surprise you – Erica! Erica's got a gun! Yes, the Empress is armed and dangerous and pumps David full of hot lead.

With David in critical condition, there is only one person who can authorize life saving medical treatment. His wife, Greenlee. Now is the perfect opportunity to be rid of David once and for all. Think she'll take up the chance?

Greenlee's busy this week. Across town, Kendall finally breaks the news to her sons about Zach's death. Kendall's seriously falling apart. But Greenlee's there for her best friend – and may be the only person that can help Kendall move on.

Back to Erica. Shooting someone kind of gets you in trouble with the law, you know? Look for Erica to get a defense attorney in the form of none other than Caleb Cortlandt. Why no Jack? (you'll have to find out). But the bottom line is Erica and Caleb are going to be spending a lot more time together.

All this plus David's not the only one that gets shot, Colby and Asher can't stop thinking about each other, JR has a plot to make sure he wins custody of AJ & it's just as devious as you'd expect from a Chandler and Madison faints in Ryan’s arms, could she be with child?

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Miss Pasty Honey said...

If Madison is preggars, I'll have a good laugh over that. That means Greenlee and Ryan can't actually go into the sunset. haha