Sunday, October 3, 2010

Walt Willy's 'Pine Valley Lawyer'

Walt Willy (AMC's Jackson Montgomery) sang his personally written song 'Pine Valley Lawyer' at Krystal's Country BBQ at this years AMC Fan Weekend event. It was so funny, I had to sit down and write out the lyrics for y'all, Check them out...
"I'm proud to be a Pine Valley Lawyer, Practice law from the Vally to Pigeon Holler. Studied to learn the law, Give the bad guys a wake up call and i just stand around in Erica's Foyer. I worked hard day and night to become the DA, Lost it all when my dead sister came back my way.

Ohh sure i made big bucks, but you know my love life sucks, Well I prosecute all my lovers what can i say. I prosecuted Erica for baby nappin' made sure that she got more then a wrist slappin' she served her time real well, then told me to go to hell but that's what i told her when i caught her and Mike Roy nappin' .

Now 20 years Erica and Jack been datin' , 20 years Erica and Jack been matin'. Now she's met a new guy named Cooney, You know she's gonna get ..... (Kids were there, He couldn't sing this line)

I'm proud to be a Pine Valley Lawyer, Makes me forget i got this troublesome daughter. I only work five hours a week, seems like i never have to sleep. So tell me why in the world would i ever leave Pine Valley?"
The video's came out dark at this event, you can still hear Walt sing his song 'Pine Valley Lawyer' in the video clip HERE.

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