Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lisa's Weekly "All My Children" Rant...

Ryan collapsed after arguing with David. Poor David...He will be blamed big time for this!! Hopefully, Ryan will make a quick recovery!!

I really miss Jack already!! It will be interesting what happens when Erica and Jack return; because Caleb is going NO WHERE!!

Larry Keith, who portrayed Nick Davis, one of Erica's many lovers; passed away at the age of 79 of cancer last Sunday. Soo sad! There was always an open door for Nick to come back. He will be sorely missed!

Congrats to my girl T.C. Warner(ex-Kelsey Jefferson)!! She got engaged to her love Chris Stratton this week! No date has been set yet. All the best to one of my favorite couples!!

I have not yet been able to see the "What if" episodes. Have you enjoyed? I think the pairings are hilarious!!! And, I can totally see Erica falling for GH's Sonny!!

Can not wait for Zach to come back!! As much as I love David; he needs Zach to put him down a peg or two! He is really unbelievable!!!

Could trouble be brewing for the marriages of the Hubbard's and Martins? I sure hope that Angie tells Jesse soon because the longer she keeps the secret; the worse it can be for not only her marriage, but Jake and Amanda too. Amanda already suspects something and if Jake continues to lie.......

Damon is out of sorts thanks to Liza and her switching his meds! Liza has sunk to a new low!! I still think history is going to repeat itself. Liza tells Tad that Damon is just like him; but apple does not fall too far from the Colby tree either!

Poor Colby!! She walked in on J.R. and Annie kissing and called Adam because she wants him to do something about this and the fact that Annie and Scott got engaged. YEAH OK; like that will happen. Anyway, Colby called J.R. on his relationship with Annie and he told her he is committed not only to Marissa and A.J.; but the whole family! SURE J.R. Who are your trying to convince?

It was a really touching scene when Damon told Colby he would go to N.Y. with her and is there for her during this latest family crisis; but he is running from something or someone?
What was not cool was him stealing from Krystal and chewing Tad out when he was supposed to be at a party in his honor! Then again; that really was not him. It was the meds!

That's all for now. Remember; these are only my opinions. Everyone has them!

Have a happy and safe weekend!!
~Lisa Rodrigo~ (TC Warner Fan Club)

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