Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lisa's Weekly "All My Children" Rant...

Hi all!!! I first off want to talk about the Daytime Emmys....I could not believe our show did not win...It has gotten so much better during the year and I thought for sure it had a chance. Oh well, next year!! It was a wonderful segment on Agnes Nixon's Lifetime Achievement Award. Congrats to her!! She was so deserving!

Madison and Ryan ran into David and Greenlee at the park..I don't know if Ryan is truly moving on or if he is concerned about Greenlee; but Greenlee is definitely still having feelings for Ryan. I think and hope Ryan definitely has moved on with Madison; but been fooled before. I think that Ryan and Madison are a great match!! Ryan asked her to go to NY; so that is a great sign!

Jake figured out what is going on with Angie and is helping her. I just hope that Angie tells Jesse soon. The longer she waits; there is more of a chance that it could put a strain on their marriage. Even still, they will get through this and Angie will be fine!

Damon and Colby are in big trouble and Liza is the reason. Damon says she does not want to go to NY because of Tad; but I think he has the hots for Liza! To some extent; I think that Liza does also. Liza is just better at keeping it to herself than Damon is. I just hope that I am wrong and that Damon and Colby can grow into a super couple! Tad would get hurt also and that is not cool with me! Love the idea that he adopted Damon and was working it out with Liza..I love them together also!

It was announced that Caleb is a Cooney/Cortlandt!! These scenes were so funny and enjoyable to watch!! He inherited Cortlandt Electronics along with Erica; with the stipulation that they work side by side. Trust me; they will! Caleb is putting up a stink about it; but has agreed to stay in Pine Valley and give it a small chance.

I caused a small controversy on my facebook when I asked how exactly Caleb is related to Palmer. I am VERY big on the show's history and I want to know that if Palmer only had one sibling; how come we did not hear he was Dixie's brother before. Fans like me do not forget small details and history!! Another example; Frankie has a son with Mia...How come we do not hear about that? I would love to see Mia come back and maybe stir things up...I love Randi; please do not misunderstand.. But, l think it is time for her to come back and maybe be at odds with Liza and they could bring their son back.

David and Greenlee got kicked out of Wildwind by Palmer and Sam Grey!! I was so happy to hear about him. Please guys; write in to the show to bring back T.C. Warner as Kelsey, his biological mom! They could also bring back Sam and maybe move back to Pine Valley for good!!

I was also happy to hear that they mentioned Lainie and Bobby at Palmer's will reading! History is so important in any show and the new head writers and Lorraine Broderick are doing what I want!! lol! The will reading scenes were well done and so funny! Marissa and Annie had it out; and just the fact that Annie was invited was hysterical! Loved it when J.R. got Dixie's shares of Chandler and made him equal partners with Scott! Annie was in an uproar over that! Please.....I love Scott; but wake up!! Annie loves J.R. and vice versa!

I think I am done ranting for now. It's only my opinion; everyone has them!! Have a blessed, happy, and safe fourth!!
~Lisa Rodrigo~ (TC Warner Fan Club)

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Pine Valley News said...

FANtastic Rant, Lisa!

What a great point you made, Who is Caleb's parents?

I love reading these every week!