Thursday, July 22, 2010

AMC Stars in Primetime Shows Tomorrow!

Here is a list of Primetime Shows and Movies coming on television Tomorrow, in where AMC Stars will appear. Could be something you wanna watch. Check your local listings for times.

Friday July 23rd 2010...

Carol Burnett (Ex- Verla Grubbs) in "The Front Page" on MAX 5:30am EST.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Ex- Kendall Hart) in "The Grudge 2" on FX 8am EST.

Jennifer Bassey (Marian Colby) in "Matlock" on WGNAMER 10am EST.

Amanda Seyfried (Ex- Joni Stafford) in "House" on USA 12pm EST.

Josh Duhamel (Ex- Leo du Pres) in "Las Vegas" on TNT 12pm & 1pm EST.

Mario Van Peebles (Ex- Sam Woods) in "Heartbreak Ridge" on AMC 2:30pm EST.

Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward) in "Heartbreak Ridge" on AMC 2:30pm EST.

Wanda Dejesus (Mayor, Iris Blanco) in "Blood Work" on AMC 5:30pm EST.

Michael B. Jordan (Ex- Reggie Montgomery) in "Friday Night Lights" on NBC 8pm EST.

Check back tomorrow to see if your favorite AMC Star will be appearing in Primetime the next day!

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