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Happy New Years from Pine Valley News!

Zendall New Years Resolutions

Memba this? On New Years Eve back in 2007 Zack & Kendall spent a romantic night together as they let balloons go with there "New Years Resolutions" on them. Watch the clip HERE. Don't you already miss these two?

Fashion Poll: Who wore it Best?

Not only did they wear the same out fit, But it was at the same event. Who do you thing Wore it Best? Cast your Vote below.

Did you know Tichina Arnold (Rochelle, "Everybody Hates Chris"; Pam, "Martin") was on AMC back in 1991 (The Summer of Seduction), She played Sharla Valentine. Remember her?

Mary Beth Evans to AMC?

Mary Beth Evans (Ex- Kayla, Days; Ex- Katherine, GH) has an article in Dec 15th issue of SOD. In the "Where are they now" section (Pages 61 & 61). Check out what she had to say about her retuning to daytime & and a possible AMC casting...

"I do miss my soap life, Maybe when All My Children rolls out here to LA. That's one i haven't done."

Who could you see Mary Beth as on AMC? What about Madison's Mother. Or a New Mary Smyth? Please post your opinions below.

Click HERE for Mary Beth Evans Official Page

Happy New Year from the Cast AMC!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sneak Peek: AMC's 40th Anniversary

On January 4th and 5th, All My Children celebrates the show's 40th anniversary with a slew of returns, among them Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as Hayley and Mateo Santos. Get a sneak peek at the festivities. Check out these photos...

Photos ABC

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) Talks About her Return To All My Children!


Rebecca Budig's School Of Smooching

ALL MY CHILDREN’s Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) knows from kissing, so it’s fitting that she’s a spokesperson for Colgate Wisps. A lusty smooch is nothing without great breath, right? Soaps In Depth chatted with the newly returned Pine Valley-ite — and got some great advice — just in time for one of the kissingest holidays around: New Year’s Eve.

BUDIG: I know I’m like the “spokesperson,” but I have to tell you: I found them because I was at the drug store and I was like, “Oh, these would be great for the airplane.” And sure enough, they were. I’ve been using them for, I thought it was a year, but I guess they just came out in April.

In Depth: Give me some kissing tips for New Year’s.

Oh, I don’t know. Soft lips. I say soft lips. You’ve gotta have lip balm or something like that. If you’re outside, you should have Kleenex. Fresh breath is priority number one. I use the Colgate Wisps. I do. You can throw that in your pocket or your purse and it’s a single-use toothbrush, so you can throw it away. A compact, so you can check your looks. And I think just being in the moment, just being present and going for it.

What are your plans for New Year’s this year?

I don’t really have a plan yet. I think we’re just having people over, just very low-key, family. Nothing crazy. I always like to be surrounded by friends.

And Bob [Guiney, Budig’s husband] is going to be there, too, I assume. Do you guys do the New Year’s kiss thing?

You know, it’s funny because you talk about the New Year’s kiss. I don’t know, I guess so. I feel like it’s tradition, and I feel like I’m always kissing everybody. It’s like you start with one person, then you turn to the next person and turn to the next person. And I guess maybe if it’s that first New Year’s together, I think it’s a little more romantic, a little more long-lasting. But I think these days, it’s kind of just like, “Oh, happy New Year! Kiss! Oh, happy New Year! Kiss!” [laughs] It’s a good excuse to kiss everybody!

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Kelly Ripa's AMC Homecoming!

She fled All My Children eight years ago for her morning gig with Reege—now wisecracker Kelly Ripa is heading back to the ABC soap to help celebrate its 40th anniversary next week (January 4-5). She’ll reprise her role as talk-show host Hayley Santos and will be joined by her real-life hubby Mark Consuelos (Mateo) and other past fan faves including Julia Barr (Brooke), Laurence Lau (Greg), and Taylor Miller (Nina). What brings Hayley to Pine Valley after all these years? Ripa gave TV Guide Magazine the dish.

So once again, it’s the classic scenario: Former soap star can’t get arrested in the big time so she comes crawling back to her old show!

That is correct! [Laughs] I’m crawling, begging, tail between my legs, soap-opera script in hand! I wanted to come crawling back with my Emmy in hand but I never won one on AMC because I wasn’t good enough. But that’s okay. One day, I’ll get over it. One day I’ll let go of the bitterness.

Tell us about this kooky honor that brings Hayley back to the show.

Go figure, despite four decades of murder, kidnapping, killer tornados and rape trials, Pine Valley has somehow been named in a nationwide poll as the best place to live in the United States and Hayley’s there to shoot a TV documentary about it. It was nice to go back and not have it be for somebody’s funeral.

What’s Mateo doing these days? Hanging on to Hayley’s star? Fetching her lattes?

No! Now he’s like her Gelman. Mateo is the executive producer of Hayley’s show so he’s always telling her what to do. Just like Mark does with me in real life.

How did it feel to go back to the set?

It was hard to go back because I knew that once I did I wouldn’t want to leave. And I remembered everything, which is more than I can say for the people at AMC! The crew from Live With Regis and Kelly came over to the soap with me to shoot a segment and they wanted me go to my old dressing room and have the actress who’s using the room now answer the door. [AMC director] Enza Dolce was there to be our production coordinator. So I walk down the hall to my old dressing room and stop at the door and Enza says “Where are you going, Kelly? You’re going to the wrong room.” I said, “No, honey, you’re standing outside the wrong dressing room.” She says “No, this is your dressing room.” I said, “Don’t tell me! I lived in my dressing room for 12 years and *this is my dressing room!” I was like, “Let me give you the tour. Eileen Herlie [Myrtle] was in that room over there, Jennifer Bassey [Marian] was here, Ruth Warrick [Phoebe] was here, Michael Nader [Dimitri] was there, Jimmy Mitchell [Palmer] was there.” I named every person in a row, and then they were mortified. So no matter how important and pivotal I try to make myself out to be on AMC, really nobody remembers me ever having been there.

Pretty wild that the show is moving to L.A., isn’t it? When As the World Turns ends its run, One Life to Live will be the only soap left in New York. Five years ago that would have been unimaginable. Hell, it’s unimaginable now.

It makes me sick to my stomach. I’m upset for the crew guys whom I love and adore. I’m upset for all the actors in New York who used to get so much work out of AMC. A lot of people got their big starts there. The state of soaps in general makes me sad, so going back to AMC was bittersweet, exciting, nerve-wracking, all of it combined.

What are your thoughts about the script they handed you?

The writers do a beautiful job of weaving together a lot of storylines and memories and really celebrate the 40th anniversary without going “THIS IS THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW, EVERYBODY!” It really is impressive how they bring Hayley and Mateo home and work us into the storyline and because we’re back with this documentary it allows the residents of Pine Valley to talk about 40 years of life there—the births, the deaths, the love, the losses. And, of course, the dynamite explosions. [Laughs] No, seriously, it’s so beautifully written I cried when I read the script.

So no complaints? That’s not the Rip-ster we all remember!

Trust me, there was no time for complaints. The writers wanted to add some controversy so they have Hayley getting into an argument with Erica Kane. Erica thinks that maybe Hayley is disapproving of her relationship with Ryan [Cameron Mathison] and that she’s going to get all scandalous and gossipy and tabloidy with her documentary. When we were running through the scene, Susan Lucci and I are looking at each other, like, where the hell is this coming from? Neither of us could remember our characters ever having a fight with each other. I was afraid to say anything but, thank God, Susan stops everything on the set—because she’s Susan Lucci and she can do that sort of thing—and she says “This is so combative. I don’t remember these two women ever having a problem. This seems totally out of nowhere.” And the producers are like, “C’mon, c’mon, ladies, just say the lines, please! We got boxes to pack!” [Laughs]

Do you ever miss the drama part of soaps—the chance to show you’re a serious actress?

Naw. I like comedy. Serious to me is very hard, very painful, and it takes a lot of energy to get me there. Comedy is a dream. It’s where I like to live. It’s where I feel comfortable. But I love watching the serious stuff! When I returned to AMC, I still got that old thrill watching David Canary [Adam], who makes every scene so incredible. I got to see Jill Larson [Opal] in action again. She was always one of my favorite actresses and still is because she’s just so effortlessly great. Going back really re-awakened me to what I’ve always known and said a thousand times—nobody works harder than soap people. And that’s why it’s so damn sad that soaps are having a bad time. But I do believe it’s cyclical. Soaps have survived every sort of turn and change in the industry. They’ve always been around. I mean, there are cave etchings of All My Children! Hopefully, the remaining soaps will be able to ride the wave. The entertainment biz is not for the weak. You have to tough it out.

I just gotta say how wonderful it is that, despite all your fame and success, you haven’t forgotten the soaps and still think good thoughts about them.

I will always love them. Being on a soap impacted me in ways that are enormous. Everything I have now is because of AMC—my husband, my three kids, the talk show and all the treats and goodies that have been bestowed upon me as a result of the talk show… my entire life! So, for me, it doesn’t even seem possible that it won’t be right down the street anymore.

Thanks for the chat, Kelly. Can’t wait to see you back in Pine Valley!

[Laughs] Well, have low expectations and you won’t be disappointed!

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Meredith Patterson (AMC's Francesca) 2009 Homepreneur of the Year!?

Meredith Patterson (AMC's Francesca, Zach's Casino Assistant) is a finalist in 2009 Homepreneur of the Year (home-based business owner) Now i know us AMC fans can help her win can't we?
I voted for her.

Click HERE and cast your vote!

Click HERE for Meredith's Official Web Page.
Click HERE to follow Meredith on Twitter.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tonight's Quiz Question.


AMC 40th Anniversary Press Release

ABC’s Emmy Award winning daytime drama, ALL MY CHILDREN will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on January 5, 2010. In celebration of this milestone, the show will welcome the return of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in two special episodes airing on MONDAY, JANUARY 4 and TUESDAY, JANUARY 5.

“It is always great to come home,” says Kelly Ripa.

“As soon as a few of its colorful residents invaded my imagination over forty years ago, Pine Valley became my second home and family. A very large and loving family, beginning with the devoted writers and talented actors who bring the characters to life. Then production, from the executive producer and her staff, to studio crews, whose technical skills work the magic of television.

And all this done day, after day, after day. Finally, but most importantly are the millions of viewers down the decades whose loyalty to ALL MY CHILDREN and its quixotic characters has kept us on the air for 40 years. To this family, I am forever grateful,” says show creator, Agnes Nixon.

Ripa, Consuelos and La Rue will be joined by a list of fan-favorite veterans to celebrate ALL MY CHILDREN's 40th anniversary including; Julia Barr, Laurence Lau, Taylor Miller, James Mitchell, Leven Rambin and Eden Riegel. In story, Pine Valley will be elected “The Most Congenial Town in America.”

Hayley (Kelly Ripa) and Mateo (Mark Consuelos) return to their home town for Hayley to produce and host a documentary for her television show “The Wave,” as she interviews her family members, friends and citizens who all call Pine Valley home.

The timing of the two special episodes also marks a new and exciting beginning for ALL MY CHILDREN, as January 4 is the show’s first day of production in Los Angeles. The state of the art studio will allow the show to move into the future, broadcasting in high definition with more expansive studio space and sets which will enable creative growth and storytelling. The show’s first HD broadcast is anticipated sometime in February.

ALL MY CHILDREN has successfully maintained its popularity and continues to be one of daytime’s most compelling dramas. ALL MY CHILDREN took home the 1998 Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, the third time the show received this top honor, having also garnered the award in 1994 and 1992. In 2004 the show also received its third consecutive Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Writing, its third Writers Guild Award and its fourth GLAAD Media Award in March 2007.

Created by Agnes Nixon, ALL MY CHILDREN premiered on the ABC Television Network on January 5, 1970, as a half-hour show; seven years later it expanded to an hour. Julie Hanan Carruthers is executive producer. ALL MY CHILDREN will be produced in Los Angeles, beginning January 4th, 2010
and airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (1:00-2:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network

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AMC 40th Year Anniversary Promo.

All My Children Celebrating 40 Years!!!

AMC's 40th Anniversary Eposodes air Jan 4th & 5th.

The Slater's Leave Pine Valley!

Just a day after Pine Valley looses Ruth & Joe Martin as they retire to Florida, Another core AMC Family is leaving too...

Tomorrow Tue Dec 29th marks Thorsten Kaye (AMC's Zach Slater) final air date.

As previously reported Thorsten Kaye decided NOT to make the cross country move to LA to continue his role as Zach Slater.

Tomorrow Zach & Kendall decide the best way for them to make a fresh start as a family is to leave town with the boys.

No new News on when or if Alicia Minshew (AMC's Kendall) will be back from maternity leave!

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Never Miss A Moment!

You can now watch your favorite ABC Soap's on ABC.Com

Click HERE to watch the AMC online.

All My Children IMDB Starmeter.

According to the Internet Movie Data Base, "STAR meter rankings provide a snapshot of who's popular based on the searches of millions of IMDB users. These rankings also graph the popularity of people over time and determine which events affect public awareness." Here's how AMC Stars rank....

194. Sarah Michelle Gellar (AMC's Ex- Kendall)
482. Josh Duhamel (AMC's Ex- Josh)
492. Jesse McCartney (AMC's Ex- JR)
953. Lindsay Price (AMC's Ex- An Li, ex-B&B)
2397. Eva LaRue (AMC's Ex- Maria, CSI)
2977. Kelly Ripa (AMC's Ex- Hayley, Live with Regis & Kelly)
3113. Carol Burnett (AMC's Ex-Verla Grubbs)
3741. Rosie O' Donnell (AMC's Ex- Naomi the Maid, ex-THE VIEW)
4455. Susan Lucci (AMC's Erica Kane)
4497. Justin Bruening (AMC's Ex- Jamie Martin)
4983. Eden Reigel (AMC's Ex- Bianca, IMAGINARY BITCHES)
5005. Colin Egglesfield (AMC's Ex- Josh, ex-MELROSE PLACE)
6467. Elizabeth Hendrickson (AMC's Ex- Maggie, IB, Y&R)
7476. Finola Hughes (AMC's Ex- Anna, ex-NIGHT SHIFT, ex-GH)
8456. David Canary (AMC's Adam Chandler)
8574. Tamara Braun (AMC's Ex- Reese, ex-DAYS, ex-GH)
9275. Debbi Morgan (AMC's Angie Hubbard)
9503. Rebecca Budig (AMC's Greenlee Smyth)
10257. Alicia Minshew (AMC's Kendall Hart-Slater)
10942. Jacob Young (AMC's JR Chandler)
12228. Ian Buchanan (AMC's Ex- Greg Madden, ex-Y&R, ex-GH)
12484. Cameron Mathison (AMC's Ryan Lavery)
13157. Thorsten Kaye (AMC's Zack Slater)
13881. Marcy Walker (AMC's Ex- Liza Colby, ex-SB)
14646. Melissa Claire Egan AMC's Annie Chandler)
19470. Beth Ehlers (AMC's Ex- Taylor, ex-GL)
43267. Adam Mayfield (AMC's Scott Chandler)
48954. Ellen Wheeler (AMC's Ex- Cindy Chandler)
49208. Ray MacDonnell (AMC's Joe Martin)

Click HERE to read all soaps IMDB Starmeter.

Results: AMC Shining Star of the Week

The Votes are in, And PVN's AMC Shining Star of the Week for the week of Dec 21st - 25th 2009 is...

Thorsten Kaye (AMC's Zach Slater) This is Zach's second week in a row winning!

Heres how the votes break down by state...

Check back again this Friday & We'll do it all over again :)

Stephanie Gatschet heads West!

You can be a part of Stephanie Gatschet’s (AMC's Madison) cross-country move, and you don’t even have to lift any heavy boxes! The actress — who’s relocating to California from New York with AMC — is posting video updates from her trip on her Web site.

“I’m driving with two dogs and two cats, so it should really be a circus!”

Videos will be posted each evening this week. Click HERE to watch Stephanie's Trip!

Safe travels Stephanie!

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Wanna Win This??

Wanna Win this Men of All My Children 2010 desk calendar?

Tomorrow at 8:00pm EST. I will post one question, the first person to post the correct answer in the comment section will WIN!

Sorry y'all the twitter thing didn't work out.

And you can click on subject to join PVN yahoo caht group, where we have *FREE* Giveaways EVERY MONTH!

Best Dressed: "Gorgeous in Gray"

AMC Garage Sale on Rachael Ray 12-23-09

In case you missed it, Here is the clip from Thursday Dec 24th's Rachael Ray Show in where she shows clips from the AMC Garage Sale.

Don't forget to click HERE and try and Win the Erica Kane painting.

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Eva LaRue (AMC's Ex- Maria) Celebrates her 43rd Birthday Today.

Agnes Nixon (AMC's Creator) Celebrates her 82nd Birthday Today

Happy Birthday, Eva & Agnes!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rebecca Budig (AMC's Greenlee) Dishes On How To Plant A Perfect Kiss!

In her 10 year run playing character Greenlee Smythe on All My Children, Rebecca Budig has had quite a few on-screen beaus (including Josh Duhamel, with whom she was co-nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for America’s Favorite Couple in 2002) — so who better to turn to for kissing advice with the big New Year’s Eve midnight smooch approaching? Budig, who is married to former Bachelor Bob Guiney, was kind enough to give us the rundown on how she preps for puckering up. “For kissing, I like lipgloss. But not the sticky kind. The smell good, smooth kind!” she says, and cites Sephora and Kiehl’s as two of her favorites. In addition, Budig tipped us off to Ayur-medic Lip Enhancer, a vitamin-C infused gloss that “tastes good, and gives your lips a little color,” she says. To make the tint last, the Cincinnati native suggests using lip liner to fill in lips before applying gloss: “That way, once the gloss is gone, there is still color! And the liner tends to really stay which is why I use it all over.” The star also shares her obsession with Colgate Wisp, a miniature breath-freshening toothbrush. “I use that after meals, on the plane, before love scenes…it’s just very convenient and makes my mouth feel very clean!” And when asked her thoughts on the best on-screen kiss—hers or otherwise—the actress chooses wit over fairytale romance: “In The Jerk, when Steve Martin licks Bernadette Peter’s face. It always makes me laugh!” -Emily Hsieh

Photo Heidi Gutman/ABC
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Susan Lucci's holiday movie "Ebbie"

You still got one more chance in 2009 to watch Susan Lucci's holiday movie "Ebbie"

Susan Lucci (AMC's Erica Kane) stars in this updated retelling of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," ruthless business-woman and shopping store owner Elizabeth "Ebbie" Scrooge is taught the true spirit of Christmas by three Spirits who visit her

Ebbie is on the Halmark Channel tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST.

Click on subject for local listings.

Spoilers for the week of Dec 28th 2009

After celebrating Christmas at home, Zach and Kendall make a huge decision about their future -- and it affects Ryan, Spike, and Erica, too. Get ready for a lot of tears. Seriously, folks, we're not kidding. Stock up on tissues!

Now that the charges have been dropped against Annie, she's 100% focused on getting her daughter back -- which is not exactly the way Ryan wanted to ring in his new year. Annie offers a joint custody deal, but Ryan quickly puts the kibosh on it. Liza warns him that if they can't come to an agreement, and end up in court, there's a good chance he could lose custody of Emma. Well, expect Adam and Annie to go to great measures to ensure they do end up in court ... and more importantly, in front of a judge who will make sure 2010 is a happy new year for Annie.

While Jake stays in Pine Valley to keep an eye on Amanda, Tad heads to Gloucester to see what kind of shadiness David's up to now. Unfortunately, his PI skills must be a little rusty because David catches him and has him arrested! But don't expect David's secret to be as safe as he thinks it is once Liza shows up. Greenlee, are you going to be found?

Meanwhile, David takes Greenlee off the drugs that are inducing her coma this week! When she finally wakes up, she asks for Ryan. She's certain it's their wedding day. Poor Greens! Her dreams quickly become a nightmare when David tells her she's been asleep -- for a year. Little does she know she has bigger problems than an abundance of beauty sleep: How do you think Greenlee will react when she finds out Ryan is with Erica now?!

All this, PLUS: Annie gets ready to walk down the aisle again, and Opal gets a vision involving Emma -- but we think you'll love what happens when it comes true.

Quick programming note: There's no new episode on New Year's Day, but on New Year's Eve, catch an encore presentation of Stuart's sing-along funeral.

Photos ABC

Wanna win this...

On Thursday Dec 24th Rachael Ray show, had clips from the AMC Garage Sale. She is having a giveaway for an Erica Kane painting here's more info on this...

"For a chance to win a framed portrait of Erica Kane taken from the set of All My Children, measuring 29" W x 34" H (the "Prize"), a total value of approximately $75, you must be a member of Club RR and submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, January 1, 2010. No purchase necessary. One entry per Club RR member. Entrants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and be a legal resident of one of the fifty (50) United States or Washington, D.C. Employees, officers, and directors (including such persons' parents, spouses, children and siblings and members of the same household) of KWP Studios Inc. (“Sponsor”), the Rachael Ray show, Watch Entertainment, Inc., Scrips Networks, Inc., Harpo Productions, Inc., and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates or agencies (collectively the "Promotional Parties") are not eligible to participate in this Giveaway."

Click HERE to join Rachael Ray Club for your chance to WIN!

Greenlee Wants Ryan Back!

This week (12-28-2009)- Kendall and Zach leave town, while Greenlee wants Ryan back.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade!

For the first time in over 80 years the Hollywood Christmas Parade will air nationally as a two-hour television, primetime event. This time-honored holiday classic ushers in the season with an appearance by Santa Claus and will also include celebrities from film, television and stage; along with award winning bands, colorful equestrians, ornate floats and specialty characters. Susan Lucci, Emmy Award winning actress and star of All My Children will serve as the Grand Marshall of the parade.

The 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade airs again tonight on MyNetworkTV check local listings for times.

Happy Holidays from Pine Valley News!

A Very Soapy Christmas with Jacob Young

Here is a cute little clip i found of Jacob Young (AMC's JR) back on December 08, 2006.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Susan Lucci (AMC's Erica) Celebrates her 63rd Birthday Today.

Click HERE to vote in PVN Susan's "Good Genes or Good Doctors" Poll.

John Callahan (AMC's Ex- Edmund) Celebrates his 56th Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday Susan & John!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AMC Holiday Soap Schedule

AMC will be airing encore episodes on Christmas Eve (Thursday Dec 24th) & Christmas Day (Friday Dec 25th) featuring Erica and Krystal's trip to Africa.
Original air date: Aug 20th & 21st.

New Parents!

Amelia Heinle (AMC's Ex- Mia, Y&R's Victoria) and husband Thad Luckinbill (J.T., Y&R) are the proud parents of a baby girl. The on and off screen couple welcomed their daughter, Georgia March on Thursday Dec. 17. 2009

Congrats, Amelia & Thad!

AMC 40th Year Anniversary Highlights, Part 1 & 2.

The cast and crew of AMC show us some highlights from the 40 years All My Children has been around. Watch Parts 1 & 2 below.

All My Children Has a Garage Sale!

This Thursday, December 24th, The Rachael Ray Show will air a special All My Children garage sale, selling props, set pieces, memorabilia and wardrobe items! If it didn't move to L.A. with the show, it found its way to this garage sale. Best of all, the proceeds benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

In addition to the garage sale, AMC star Cameron Mathison, Ryan Lavery himself, will make a guest appearance on the show.

What better way to spend Christmas Eve than with Rachel, Cameron, and a veritable Santa's workshop of AMC memorabilia?

Check your local listings for when and where The Rachel Ray Show airs.

Todays AMC Birthdays!

Amanda Baker (AMC's Ex- Babe) Celebrates her 30th. Birthday Today.

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Results: AMC Shining Star of the Week

The Votes are in, And PVN's AMC Shining Star of the Week for the week of Dec 14th - 18th 2009 is...

Thorsten Kaye (AMC's Zach Slater)

Heres how the votes break down by state...

Check back again this Friday & We'll do it all over again :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Soapgeist: Dec. 21, 2009

Imaginary Conversations returns with Lorraine Broderick and Chuck Pratt!

<< REW: Susan Lucci agreed to fly to L.A.
>> FF: Pinning your hopes on Cameron Matheson when you’re really just grooming him to take over for George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

Incoming “associate writer” Lorraine Broderick calls exiting head writer Chuck Pratt to learn more about All My Children

Chuck Pratt: [Picks up phone]: Yo!
Lorraine Broderick: Chuck?
CP: That’s my name, don’t wear it out. [Laughs] I kill myself …
LB: [mutters] We wish …
CP: What? So what’s up, sexy cakes? And who is this? Turbo? You calling me for our weekly sex chat?
LB: [Horrified] No, it’s me Lorraine. All My Children’s new writer …
CP: What’s AMC?
LB: All My Children.
CP: Oh, right. Well, try saying it right then, stupid. So you’re my replacement? Good luck trying to top me, honey drops. Though I like to be on the bottom on occasion. [Giggles]
LB: [whispers] Pig ... So anyway, I wanted to know what exactly you wrote in terms of long-term story …
CP: What’s that?
LB: What’s what? Long-term story?
CP: Is there an echo in here? Lorraine, you may want to learn to listen if you want to be a soap writer. Just sayin’ ...
LB: What did you write until February?
CP: Stuff. I can’t remember. That was like forever ago. Anyway, I just phoned it in day by day. This soap stuff isn’t that hard. Don’t overthink it, like that queen, Ron Carlivati. See where that got, One Life. Not on The View, baby! This is what you do, slurpie baby. Women are sluts. Men are violent sexual gods. Would. You. Like. Me. To. Repeat. That. Again?
LB: Well, I can find that out later. What were the beats of the Bianca storyline when she left the show. She’s coming back …
CP: Argh! Can’t stand her. Eden ruined my show. And her garden stinks — if you know what I mean …
LB: So … the beats?
CP: You’re silly, Lenette. We don’t have drums on All My Bastards. Sheez …
LB: OK then. I see why you are no longer on the show.
CP: What? What did that Judas, Fronzie, tell you? I quit, you know. I’m not lying. Ask anyone. Except Eden Riegel — that stupid biatch. Anyway, I’m too good for the stupid soap world. Stupidest stupiders, they are. I’m going back to Melrose Place. Or joining 9021-ho, where my super-talents will be more appreciated. And the chicks are way hotter. Best part? There are no stupid bitches on that brilliant show. Hey, you can spread that I quit around if you want.
LB: OK, calm down. No one said anything to me.
CP: They better not! My nephew is that cool guy on Jersey Shore who punched that stupid girl in the face. Best. TV. Ever. Anyway, I’m a star now. I don’t need daytime. I’m like James Franco. Don’t believe me? There’s this whole series devoted to my greatness — it’s called Pratt Falls. And I look hot. Not as hot as Zach Slater, of course. No one can. But I’m close. I’d like to see that new bitch writing the show get her own web series.
LB: Um, that’s me.
CP: Whatever. Even Bill Bell and Bob Guza never got their own award-winning shows like Pratt Falls. Or is it Pratt Valley Falls? I always forget ...
LB: Well, I’m happy we’re bringing back Palmer …
CP: Who?
LB: James Mitchell? Palmer Cortlandt?
CP: Are those guys queer? Probably Eden’s special friends … stupid …
LB: Moving on …
CP: Listen, Laurie —
LB: — Lorraine.
CP: Like I said, listen Lenore, I need to tell you something that you’re not going to like. [whispers] There are black people on the show …
LB: Yes, I know. Angie, Jesse …
CP: Who?
LB: The black people on the show …
CP: Oh, right. But they’re not cool black people like Tiger Woods. Here’s what you do — all you have to do is give more air time to Zach and Kendall, the incomparable Turbo, and oh yeah, my greatest creation ever, Madison!
LB: Thorsten and Alicia are leaving the show …
CP: Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah … I know! Because I was fired, stupid head! They’re so loyal. I made Zendall. Never forget that! So, is this call over? Turbo’s coming over dressed as Rebecca Budig for a massage, if you know what I mean. Merry David Kreizman indeed! Get it? He’s Jewish.
LB: OK. But can you send me your bible?
CP: Sure. But it’s New World Translation. The one we Republicans use. Later, dude! Turbo’s at the door! [Hangs up]

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Phone numbers: (818) 560-1000 or. (212) 456-7777

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fashion Poll: Who Wore it Best?

Leven Rambin Lip sinks Taylor Swift

A few weeks ago Pine Valley News put up a poll of "AMC Look-a-Likes" to see if y'all thought Leven Rambin (AMC's Ex- Lily/Ava) and Taylor Swift look a like, Check out this cute clip of Leven lip sinking Taylor Swift's "You belong with me".

If you haven't voted in Leven's Look-a-Like poll click HERE and cast your vote.

Get 46NYC, Care About It!

What if your shirt could provide life saving water to a thirsty child? What if your shirt could help a child learn the difference between love and abuse? What if your shirt could provide health care basic health care to an impoverished child?

What if your shirt could do more? Well now it can, Graham Bunn (The Bachelorette, Season 4), Chrishell Stause's (AMC's Amanda) boyfriend co owns 46NYC clothing with his two friends Hal & John. 46nyc was inspired by the desire to do something worthwhile and creative. It is an effort to make a difference in the fight to improve the lives of children worldwide. The men are in the process of developing additional programs like the en46le & lov46le projects. There commitment is to give 4 the benefit of these 6 areas of need. Please check back HERE often as they continue to grow.

Graham resides in New York City where he devotes the majority of his free time to developing a clothing line that enables charities to benefit children in need. 46 was formed in early 2007 and is looking to make a strong impact in 2010. 46 is not a charity, but rather a brand that enables children's charities.

We all like to try and make a difference this time of year. Why not help in this?

Click HERE to get your 46NYC Shirt NOW!!

You can follow 46nyc on FACEBOOK & on TWITTER.
Click on subject to follow Graham on twitter too.

ABC/SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares Set for March 21st 2010

ABC & SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares, ABC-TV's annual fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, will be presented at Town Hall in Manhattan on Sunday, March 21, 2010, according to the BC/EFA website.

The yearly event features actors from ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSIPTAL offering musical numbers and skits. Attendees can also expect appearances by some of the women of THE VIEW. Details will be announced at a later date.

To date the ABC fundraisers have raised nearly $1.5 million for the charitable organization.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS is the nation's largest industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization. Since its founding in 1988 the organization has distributed over $160 million for services for people with AIDS, HIV or HIV-related illnesses.

Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available by visiting HERE.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Divas of Daytime sing "Silver Bells"

Click HERE to hear The Diva's sing "Dreaming of a White Christmas"
Click on subject for The Divas of Daytime's Official site.

Spoilers for the week of Dec 21st 2009

It's the holidays in Pine Valley, and you know what that means: it's Christmas miracle time. Are you sitting down? OK, good. GREENLEE. IS. ALIVE. Rebecca Budig first airs on December 23rd. Pass the eggnog!

Aidan gets his own miracle this week when Kendall somehow convinces Zach not to kill him. Once Aidan is dealt with, Kendall focuses on what's truly important to her: her husband. Zendall finally reunites the old-fashioned way (we don't need to tell you what that means), but their troubles aren't over just yet. Between plane issues, snowstorms, and car crashes, things aren't looking good for Zach and Kendall making it home for Christmas.

Jake continues to have problems with Amanda's blind trust in David, but Tad convinces Jake to continue to fight for his wife. Meanwhile, a Bah Humbug David decides to leave PV and Amanda overhears him planning the trip. She shares the info with Jake and Tad, completely unaware of just who David is visiting: GREENLEE! The two Martins plan on following the good doc ... so is Greenlee set to be found?

Liza is completely torn over what to do with the "gift" David gave her. She decides to show Willis the incriminating photos, but things don't go well at all. Let's just say that somebody ends up dead.

All this, PLUS: JR reveals the truth of his cancer to Marissa; Madison's got more tricks up her sleeve; Kendall and Zach have disturbing dreams; and Greenlee gives Ryan a message from beyond the grave -- or so he thinks!

Quick programming note: There are no original episodes on Thursday or Friday. Instead, you can catch two encore presentations of Erica's journey to Africa. Erica Kane and giraffes. Yes, for real.

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