Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remembering Myrtle Fargate...

Although the wonderful actress Eileen Herlie passed away on Oct 8th 2008, The residents of Pine Valley bid there matriarch Myrtle "Lum" Fargate a heart felt goodbye. On this date Dec 19th 2008. Myrtle's memorial was fit for a Carney, just as she would have wanted it.

Get your tissues ready & Watch these video clips as Pine Valley says goodbye to Myrtle...

Zack's Goodbye Poem to Myrtle....
"Now who will lead our carnival, and Who will make us stronger. Who will mend our broken sleep, when she is here no longer. For who's part do we stand and bow what story's do we tell and will we memorize the day when great and greatness fell. Say will this valley overcome and will these shadows fade and will we life our eyes to see the beauty that she made, The disappearing last of her that lead to worlds unknown has left a path to softly tread when sadness wonders home. I meet the where the highland winds divide wild mountain thyme, where i will be forever yours and you forever mine."

After Eileen passed away her Friends, Family & Fans put together a blog for us to leave our comments. Everyone take a moment and let them know we have not forgotten Eileen or Myrtle by leaving a comment HERE, letting them know she is still & always will be Pine Valley's Heart!

Eileen Herlie: March 8, 1918 - October 8, 2008
We miss you Eileen.
Photo Credit: ABC

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